The Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) standards and guideline publications, of which the document contained
herein is one, are developed through a voluntary consensus standards development process. This process brings
together volunteers and/or seeks out the views of persons who have an interest in the topic covered by this publication.
While PMI administers the process and establishes rules to promote fairness in the development of consensus, it does
not write the document and it does not independently test, evaluate, or verify the accuracy or completeness of any
information or the soundness of any judgments contained in its standards and guideline publications.
PMI disclaims liability for any personal injury, property or other damages of any nature whatsoever, whether special,
indirect, consequential or compensatory, directly or indirectly resulting from the publication, use of application, or
reliance on this document. PMI disclaims and makes no guaranty or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy
or completeness of any information published herein, and disclaims and makes no warranty that the information in this
document will fulfill any of your particular purposes or needs. PMI does not undertake to guarantee the performance of
any individual manufacturer or seller’s products or services by virtue of this standard or guide.
In publishing and making this document available, PMI is not undertaking to render professional or other services
for or on behalf of any person or entity, nor is PMI undertaking to perform any duty owed by any person or entity to
someone else. Anyone using this document should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate,
seek the advice of a competent professional in determining the exercise of reasonable care in any given circumstances.
Information and other standards on the topic covered by this publication may be available from other sources, which the
user may wish to consult for additional views or information not covered by this publication.
PMI has no power, nor does it undertake to police or enforce compliance with the contents of this document. PMI
does not certify, test, or inspect products, designs, or installations for safety or health purposes. Any certification or other
statement of compliance with any health or safety-related information in this document shall not be attributable to PMI
and is solely the responsibility of the certifier or maker of the statement.

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