That’s the first sentence in Henrik Kniberg’s book Scrum and XP from the Trenches: “Scrum worked!” It has also worked for us, the teams that develop environmental and safety (Police) projects in the department of Public Administrations of a Spanish software consultancy company. It’s difficult to quantify how much, but ever since I started using Scrum back in 2009 (yes, I know, I wasn’t an early adopter), we’ve seen a steady increase in successfully finished projects, not only in our
case, as we’re the software providers, but also for our clients. They have received products that grow step by step and adapt to their real needs.
Delivering part of the work to the client every two weeks and asking the client what they want us to work on the following two weeks has given our daily work routine a certain peace of mind. This relative peace has helped us, in part, to get rid of that twinge of chaos that appears when great deliveries have to be
made at the end of a project. It reduced stress for developers, but it also gave peace of mind to all the stakeholders, who could regularly see what were we working on and how the developed project looked.


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