Author(s): Barclay, Corlane; Osei-Bryson, Kweku-Muata

📇 Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2016

Abstract: It is hard to imagine an organization that is not engaged in some kind of project activity. Over the past decade, organizations have been turning from operations to project management as part of their competitive advantage strategy (PWC, 2004). This is also true for other types of structures such as government, charities, and nonprofits and agencies that are looking to promote improvements in their operations. Alternatively stated, projects play an important role in all sectors of society as projects impact operations and operations impact new projects. Unfortunately, despite the opportunities that projects present, they are often riddled with challenges and are at times abandoned or simply fail to meet their goals. These circumstances may be due to project management factors, human factors, technical factors, and legal and regulatory factors. Sound project management and governance practices are strategies that can help mitigate against some struggles experienced by the project-initiating body.


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