Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to facilitate prediction process of stakeholders’ needs in the design stage: The Case Study of Shahid Kharrazi Residential Project

Paying attention to the needs of stakeholders is one of the significant issues in projects. If this issue is neglected, it will have negative effects on the project. The aim of this study is finding solutions to analyze and predict the needs of stakeholders in the early stages of projects, using the case study of Shahid Kharrazi residential project, in order to achieve project success through their satisfaction. Here, at first methods for facilitating the process of predicting the needs of stakeholders in the design phase were extracted through literature review. Then, a questionnaire was distributed among respondents from engineers, managers, and active stakeholders in the project, and the collected data was analyzed and prioritized using the AHP method. The results show that using Building Information Modeling (BIM) can significantly facilitate the prediction process of stakeholders’ needs. The results of this study can be used by residential projects’ stakeholders to obtain maximum satisfaction of them.

مقاله ی حاضر در سال 98 به کوشش 4, Mahdi Alinezhad3, Narges Ghanbari2, Ehsan Saghatforoush1Fatemeh Salehi و در دومین کنفرانس مدلسازی اطلاعات ساختمان به انتشار درآمده است.

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