Several studies in the area of project management have concluded that development projects implemented by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have specific features associated with the diversity of stakeholders, the scarcity of resources, and the importance of intangible objectives. Consequently, classical methodologies may not be suitable. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the project management tools used by nongovernmental development organizations (NGDOs) and their effect on project performance. This was done by studying the perceptions of project managers from Portuguese NGDOs. A mixed methods design was adopted. In an initial phase, a questionnaire was sent to Portuguese NGDOs. The resulting data was analyzed by fuzzy-set qualitative
comparative analysis (fsQCA). In a second phase, semi-structured interviews were conducted with a subgroup of selected project managers from these organizations. The results reveal a specific profile regarding the importance of project management tools and methodologies for NGDO performance. These results reflect the specific features of these types of projects and organizations.

مقاله حاضر از سری مقالات منتشر شده در مجله بین المللی الزویر می باشد که توسط Pedro Verga Matosa, Mário Romãoa, Joaquim Miranda Sarmentoa,Alexandre Abaladasa نوشته شده است.

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